How to Host Your Own Clothing Swap

I am not a party thrower. Growing up, I hated parties, I hated having big birthdays, and I definitely got stressed out over the thought of people coming over to my home.

Even though I’m still that way, somewhat, I have come to realize that in order to build a community and do things I love, I’m going to have to suck it up and throw an event from time to time.swap party flyer final

So, to celebrate my love of hand me downs and shopping, I decided to host a clothing swap.

For those of you wondering, a clothing swap is when you get a group of friends with similar, yet tastefully different, styles together to trade out clothes they no longer want. Essentially, you make a pop-up, currency-free Plato’s Closet (but without the disappointing clothing rejection).

Sound like fun? Well if you love clothes like me, here’s how you make it happen.

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Halloween Vibes 2017

It’s the eve of all hallowed’s eve. Is that a thing? Well, we’re going to make it one.

In order to get into the Halloween mindset, take a listen to Rosetint’s spooky, Halloween themed playlist of dirty-lofi, cult songs, and jams to pump you up for your actual Halloween eve, watch some Youtube videos made by friends, and take in the vintage vibes of Halloween’s past (and even some made new).

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Cut up your own tee

cut it up cover

I’m not a big mall shopper, for one, I hate the heckling from center aisle cart salesmen, the prices, and the focus of waste and consumerism, but my niece is having her second birthday and she loves earrings, so off to Claire’s I went to find some stick on baby earrings.

While there, I made a stop into a southern-based store which I can best describe as a women’s only, southern version of Urban Outfitters. I really like the shop, I’m not sure where they source their clothing from, so I’m not going to endorse them or anything yet, but the shop has cool style.

While casually window shopping, I saw a rack called “Vintage Renewal”…I took a look. T-shirts. T-shirts as far as the eye can see. T-shirts I’ve probably passed in the thrift store. Airbrush tees, beach tees, University of Alabama tees. They had them, and they were cut up. And they were $30.

I chuckled to myself.

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Starting Southern Trash and doing your own thing: A chat with Milly Baine

Editor’s note:
Hey, this is the first post highlighting an independently own business on Rose Tint, something I’m extremely excited and passionate about. While it’s local to me (based in Alabama) Southern Trash has ways to buy online, making it local to anyone. Slow fashion (as opposed to sweatshop produced fast fashion) exists to counteract our growing waste as a world. Milly has built a business created on the slow fashion concept and I can’t wait for you to hear about it. Enjoy!

Milly started Southern Trash when she was a little girl.

Not the actual store, but the idea, even if she didn’t know it.

“My grandmother was super into thrifting and we would go to thrift stores all the time,” Milly Baine, the owner and founder of Florence, Alabama’s newest vintage store, Southern Trash, told me on a hot August afternoon.

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Why I thrift

I haven’t always loved thrift shopping.


I say that because I’ve been thrift shopping for a long long time.

Be it the divider between the lower and upper middle classes, or just my mom loving to get a deal, going to thrift stores and flea markets was a part of my childhood I always hated.

I distinctly remember always griping about the dusty smell making my “nose itch” and yearning for the chance to go to the mall. But, shopping at the mall for a 7-year-old is neither prudent or sustainable…I soon later found out. Continue reading