Kennedy Booker

Kennedy Booker is a writer, music lover and former bass player in the now defunct band, Weird Hormones. She lives in Detroit, Michigan and is that @ThatBabyfromJuno on Twitter. She travels to the UK a lot, and is over all an awesome person who is always down to thrift and eat Waffle House. If you have the chance to meet Kennedy, do it.

Casey Marley

Casey Marley is a Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton fan from Alabama. We list just the state because she’s lived too many places there to name one hometown. She’s the Founder/Editor/Publisher of Rosetint, and digs making things and not committing to them. She’s working on that. She’s majoring in English at UAB and graduates in December. Her day job’s title is Social Media Coordinator; she tweets for a living. She found love through Huntsville Metalcore and the match making skills of Kennedy Booker. Show her some old clothes and play her old music and she’ll be your friend.