How to Host Your Own Clothing Swap

I am not a party thrower. Growing up, I hated parties, I hated having big birthdays, and I definitely got stressed out over the thought of people coming over to my home.

Even though I’m still that way, somewhat, I have come to realize that in order to build a community and do things I love, I’m going to have to suck it up and throw an event from time to time.swap party flyer final

So, to celebrate my love of hand me downs and shopping, I decided to host a clothing swap.

For those of you wondering, a clothing swap is when you get a group of friends with similar, yet tastefully different, styles together to trade out clothes they no longer want. Essentially, you make a pop-up, currency-free Plato’s Closet (but without the disappointing clothing rejection).

Sound like fun? Well if you love clothes like me, here’s how you make it happen.

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Halloween Vibes 2017

It’s the eve of all hallowed’s eve. Is that a thing? Well, we’re going to make it one.

In order to get into the Halloween mindset, take a listen to Rosetint’s spooky, Halloween themed playlist of dirty-lofi, cult songs, and jams to pump you up for your actual Halloween eve, watch some Youtube videos made by friends, and take in the vintage vibes of Halloween’s past (and even some made new).

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A love letter to Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk and varied albums

Tusk is here via Super Seventies

I’m listening to Tusk right now, having just passed “Sara” and am wiping the subsequent tears from my eyes. Man, I think, Stevie Nicks is the most talented song writer out there. The song, a beautiful tribute to loss, hits me every time, I doubt I could ever conjure words so touching and aching to remember something. That’s why I listen and marvel.

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Talking new albums with Conor Murphy of Foxing & Smidley


Conor Murphy of Foxing released a solo album under the name Smidley. Compared to his day band, Smidley is light hearted, fun, with an indie kind of vibe. Still, this isn’t beach music, the songs are still quite sad.

I asked him about balancing Smidley with Foxing, fans reaction to Smidley, and just about writing the album in general…so here’s the interview:

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It’s almost the end, and I’m pretty sure I have not supplied a Rose Tint mood board in over 2 months. My bad you guys.

Leisure time, yearning for it, not knowing what to do with it…that’s what May has meant to me.

inspiration for the summer

Pink photos in bloom? Take photos of them…

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Soft EP // JADE a.k.a. best local vibes you’ll hear all day


I get trapped in Instagram sometimes. It is, hands down, my favorite social media platform I have. With all the negativity surrounding it (i.e. using it as a “show off” vanity selfie generator or to unfairly compare yourself to filtered perfection), I’ve actually found that Instagram has kept me in touch with some of my coolest and most creative friends from high school.

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