Comfort Zone

I posted on Instagram a month ago that I wanted to start taking more photos of other people. As a shy, painfully independent person, I often feel like if I can do something myself, why get other people involved?
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For the majority of my outfit posts, it’s been me and a self-timer. I like the total creative control I have over that, but at the same time, I’m kind of over taking fancy selfies. I want to capture other people and their styles.
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So I went to photographer’s meetup in my parent’s town. I immediately knew I was out of my comfort zone. Pulling out my compact Canon G7x, I felt like a child with a point and shoot.
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But, I forced myself to stay (actually my boyfriend helped with forcing me to stay–causing me to reject my genes yelling at me to Irish exit).
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I didn’t take that many photos, I felt clingy to the group of girls I met at first, and I was afraid to speak up or give any creative direction, the thought “you shouldn’t be here” rolling over and over in my mind.

I didn’t even want to look at the photos I took, because I felt so ashamed and stupid for even going.

But, I had to remind myself, I got out of my comfort zone. I got photos of other people. Andd it’s ok that I don’t have a mirrorless or DSLR camera, I didn’t want to invest in a camera I would be too overwhelmed with to ever use. I want to get better at this photo+video+writing craft, and sometimes you have to fail a test to get any better.
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When I left my comfort zone of my tripod and living room, I immediately made my site and creative pursuits more real. And, you know, I’m not the best, but I tried, and I’m getting better. When I become a teacher in three years, I hope to pass lessons like this on–it’s ok if you fail, or feel weird or stupid, just try, that’s the only way you can go after anything.
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(Special thanks to Erica (@erica_atl), Sydney (@sydcargalphoto), and Claire (@clairee__c) and my soulmate @zatcharyw for modeling! Also *disclaimer*, I saw some awesome artists work last Saturday. No one was snobby, I was most likely the biggest critic there.)

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