Thriftbook/Lookbook: Thrift Style in 2018

I heard an insult thrown at a vintage store once: “Everything in the shop looks like it was from the thrift store.”

Well, honey, I guess you don’t look hard enough at the thrift store. Because if you dig, you’ll find gems.

Look One: Free People Grunge

I paired this thrifted Free People top (clearance on top of the savings *praise*) with my black skinnies.

JanThriftPost (2 of 28)

Since the weather jumps from 75 to 20 degrees in the same week here in Alabama, sometimes you need a blanket in your car to stay warm.

JanThriftPost (6 of 28)

I wrapped around this flannel blanket for the *aesthetic* but it can serve a practical purpose, too.

JanThriftPost (10 of 28)

Look Two: Two Whit-Anthro Bohemian

You guys. Yall. Everyone. This is the best find, I’ve ever made at a thrift store.JanThriftPost (12 of 28)

Between the flowy fit and intricate embroidery that makes up the neck, I am so in love with this Two-Whit dress once sold at Anthropologie. JanThriftPost (14 of 28)JanThriftPost (15 of 28)Like this could be a wedding dress (if you wanted something super laid back).

JanThriftPost (19 of 28)JanThriftPost (20 of 28)

I wore the dress with platform pumps from Lucky Brand (that were also second-hand), and the shoes helped give this short gal some height that the dress deserves. The pairing also looked great together.

Look Three: Beachy J. Crew Prep

This Lumiere dress that normally sells at J.Crew makes me so happy. On top of its retro cut, this dress is 100% cotton and made in the USA. So, its sweatshop-free, hey hey.

JanThriftPost (23 of 28)JanThriftPost (24 of 28)JanThriftPost (27 of 28)

I’m going to be on the lookout for more Lumiere items from now on because I can’t ignore this brand’s quality. I may have needed to pair this with leggings or tights, because, it’s ya know, short, but I think for the summer or a trip to the beach, this cute striped number would be fine on its own.

All of these items are secondhand and from a normal (not a fancy, high-end) thrift shop. So, the next time someone throws the “ew, that’s used” line at you, just know the worth of the items you found, tell that person you know how to wash clothes, and send them a smile.

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