The Rose Tint Message: An update

I always come back to the drawing board.

“Oh this is a great idea, I can stick with that forever!”

Then a month goes by, and I find something problematic with the idea. Edit. Edit. Edit.

Though that’s what I love to do. If you stripped away the local politics and human resource management aspects of editing as a career, I would gladly say that editing my college newspaper was my favorite job.

My latest round of edits to Rose Tint flopped. “Let’s make it submission based!” Great idea, except I don’t have an engaged readership yet.

But, do I want to be another Messy Heads? Do I want to manage a literary magazine? Honestly, no. I love poetry, and writing it, but being put in charge of the fragileness of others and validating whether it’s up “to my standards” makes my skin crawl. I’m not the authority of someone’s creative talent.

What I’ve always wanted to do is magazine editing. The problem, though, is I don’t have many magazines I like anymore. Ok, ok, I do love Sunset, but I think it would take eight lifetimes for me to afford to live in Menlo Park, and also, I’m a southern girl, I don’t think I would want to live in California.

What I’ve always been attracted to, however, are magazines at the intersection of music, fashion, travel, interior design. Aka the lifestyle magazine. I love the idea, but as I’ve gotten older, joined the media field, then left it, I realize that even if I could, I don’t want to be a part of the New York media publications. They don’t convey messages I believe in, and for female-focused publications, they really just provide one viewpoint on what womanhood is now, and it’s rather materialistic: Shop, products, partying, sex. Is that all our lives consist of now? Consumeristic pleasure?

If I was to create a magazine, I would want to show the multidimensional aspects of women.

How, today, women can follow their passions, be that a stylist or neurosurgeon, have interests beyond just aesthetics and consumerism, then talk about aesthetics they enjoy (because I mean why make life bland out of principle?), and talk about how passions aren’t limited to professions or work!
Family has become a taboo. Honestly, I want to read about the awesome women I know who rock balancing creativity with personal responsibilities they chose and get fulfillment out of. It’s a lie to say that long-term, happy relationships are for the weak, and that we’re all better off single. Boo! I’m tired of being preached to from magazines that I need to stay single until I’m 30, cringe at children until I’m 38, and shop until I drop until then.

If that seems rash, or rude, then I apologize, I don’t want to criticize anyone’s personal life choices, but I do wish to criticize messaging that has been pervading me since I was old enough to turn on a television set.

It’s my view that we can live life through rose-tinted glasses, that we can tell real stories, be fulfilled, think for ourselves, be happy in real ways, and make the world a more beautiful, community-focused place.

I want Rose Tint to continue to evolve, and thank you for being a part of this evolution.



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