Cut up your own tee

I’m not a big mall shopper, for one, I hate the heckling from center aisle cart salesmen, the prices, and the focus of waste and consumerism, but my niece is having her second birthday and she loves earrings, so off to Claire’s I went to find some stick on baby earrings.

While there, I made a stop into a southern-based store which I can best describe as a women’s only, southern version of Urban Outfitters. I really like the shop, I’m not sure where they source their clothing from, so I’m not going to endorse them or anything yet, but the shop has cool style.

While casually window shopping, I saw a rack called “Vintage Renewal”…I took a look. T-shirts. T-shirts as far as the eye can see. T-shirts I’ve probably passed in the thrift store. Airbrush tees, beach tees, University of Alabama tees. They had them, and they were cut up. And they were $30.

I chuckled to myself.

But it did inspire a small diy project I’m going to show you guys. I’ve been cutting up t-shirts since I was 17, but this time I wanted to experiment with an edgier style that’s more than just cutting out the sleeves and neck.

Here’s my process…

diy tshirt (1 of 7)diy tshirt (2 of 7)diy tshirt (3 of 7)diy tshirt (4 of 7)diy tshirt (6 of 7)

I’ve since cut the tag off, and yea, guys, I normally look like an authentic 90’s mom, it’s my home alone aesthetic.


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