Maintaining a blog: This is my experiment

Hello everyone,

I have not forgotten my promise to write almost every day. Honestly, in the past two days, I’ve written more for myself than I have in a very long. It’s invigorating and empowering.

As I write, I remind myself that I want to keep Rosetint. I love this concept I created, and I want to keep it forever as my experimental platform. It has evolved with me all through college and I don’t want to let it go.
But do I want it to my “platform” *cough cough* my career?

Not really.

Someone the other day told me that when your passion becomes your career, it’s no longer your passion. You have to do it, or you’ll starve.
I want to keep Rosetint my passion, so I think I may return it as my “experimental music, fashion and musings blog” where I can keep myself creative and if I have friends that would like to guest post or have an excuse for an editorial photo shoot, let’s do it. This is our space to create, fail and maybe inspire.

As for social media, I’m going to keep Rosetint’s Insta so that I can use that as my microblog/ promote a variety of work/screen caps I love without taking away or scaring people from my Insta. If Rosetint grows, it grows, but I’m no longer concerned with numerical growth for the site.
In this period of unemployment, I will use writing and creating as my means to bay insanity. I’m used to no free time, and truthfully, if I’m by myself, I really hate free time. I would rather take photos, learn or write, than binge watch episodes of TV (at least at this stage of life). That’s not to say I’m better than that. Trust me, when I was a teenager, I thought I invented binge watching America’s Next Top Model. But right now, I want to build my life, and this is really my only shot at building a career on my terms. I don’t have mouths to feed except my own.

In this category of the blog, I want to take you (casual internet reader) through my journey of graduating college, moving to a new town, and drumroll please…~starting a business~. Life will get messy and be tough, but I’ve hit rock bottom mentally pretty much twice now, I’m ready for a change and to challenge myself to genuinely pursue my goals. Not waiting until I have “experience.”

So here I go.

And much love, Rose Tint.

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