Throwback Spring Break #ootd

Back before I knew Spotify didn’t eat up too much of my data plan, I created a massive CD collection filled with greatest hits albums and lots of thrift shop finds.

Today I went through my music crate and dug out my CD collection and my RCA CD Player, still running like it did when I bought it in 2002.

Popping in my No Doubt Tragic Kingdom album, I threw on some tie-dye and was determined that I would wear shorts on Spring Break.

This outfit is (almost) completely vintage…some of which is so vintage that I have no idea where I got these pieces. My scrunchies came from my sister’s yesteryear scrunchie maker, the bucket hat? Probably some Surf Style in Gulf Shores. My sweatshirt was my moms; I made these shorts from cutting off some of my sister’s hand-me-down jeans. I bought my shirt from the boy’s section of a thrift store, and my favorite Nashville Channel 5 News jacket came from Karma Rags in Huntsville.

Secret, my shoes came from…Rue 21. Yes. They were cheap and I didn’t want to invest $70 + in Adidas for sneakers, so I bought these bad boys at a tween store. They’re great and practical, fairing blocks and blocks of walking in NY.

I’m still listening to Tragic Kingdom right now, and I’m so glad I’m getting to be somewhat relaxed over my Spring Break.

Now I need to get back to that.

Thanks y’all.


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