10 things your blog should do

Your personal blog should

  1. Let you express your   creativity

2. Give you an excuse to go “do stuff”

3. Experiment with     photography, videography, and writing

4. Let you meet new people

5. Make you write a lot

6. Make you happy

7. Not be a burden

8. Be something you’re proud of, not trying to hide

9. Be something that grows

10. Be an extension of yourself

If you’re like me, you worry a lot about how anything you put on the internet will ruin your life. “Oh no, maybe a future employer won’t like that! Maybe someone’s mom will read this and will hate me.”

I feel like I’m still 13 sometimes when it comes to my self-conscious fear. If a future employer reads your blog and hates it, would you want to work for someone who hates you?

As an adult, how often do you speak to your friends’ mothers? Yes, never, that’s what I thought.

Don’t create content that’s insanely profane or abusive, yes, that’s going to hurt you. But if you want to be a communicator in this world, your lack of a presence will hurt you more. Don’t worry about the people who “don’t get it” or make fun of you. Yea, blogging might have a “stigma,” but so does every other creative endeavor.

A note to myself: Keep growing a thicker and thicker skin and just keep going. That’s part of being creative.

See ya later,

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